An argument of the subject of alcoholism being written in the genes

This article describes three types of gene—environment interactions and the challenges inherent in interpreting these interactions. It also reports on what is known about gene—environment interactions in the field of alcohol use disorders AUDs. Twin studies of the interaction of genetic and environmental influences on AUDs have resulted in relatively consistent findings and have suggested general mechanisms for interaction effects. These studies generally find that environments that exert more social control e.

An argument of the subject of alcoholism being written in the genes

Scott O Yes, how does the rest of the machinery in the cell know which parent a gene is from? Scientists have known for several years that genes from Mom and Dad are not expressed exactly the same.

For instance the conditions of Prader-Willi Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome are very different, but they are caused by mutations in the same gene.

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If the gene came from Mom, it will express itself as Prader-Willi. If it came from Dad it will express as Angelman Syndrome. Hibernia86 Some genes are methylated covered up so that they are inactive. Genes from the father might be less likely to be methylated than those from the mother.

Any genes from the father can be turned on when the sperm is made. Brian Mino It knows because it is automatically programmed too do so. Me too Kurarin you are right about the mitochondiral dna from mother.

Gene–Environment Interaction in the Field of AUDs

This article is complete bullshit. The female egg contains a hell lot more genetic information than the sperm pat The DNA from the I bum and spermatazoate Kurarin what? Peter The sperm and the ova contain half of the nuclear genome each.

These combine to make one new nuclear genome. The mitochondria come from mother only, but only affect the energy production. To say that the egg had more influence than the sperm or vice versa is contrary to basic biological understanding.

And the research does not make a quantitative assessment but rather a qualitative one of genetic material. Mitochondrial DNA from the mother is really the one that makes up most of everything. The sperm, although containing some amounts of DNA, is insignificant except for determining the gender.

Plus, the sperm is much smaller than the egg, disabling it to contain more DNA than the egg. Both egg and sperm cells are the result of meiosis and contain a single chain of DNA.

An argument of the subject of alcoholism being written in the genes

When fertilization occurs the two chains zip together and begin controlling the metabolism of the egg. Those mid piece mitochondria get fructose from the seminal fluid, convert it to glucose and then generate ATP. It either produces working mitochondria or the egg starves.

Hibernia86 Very interesting theory. Though it seems like it would be hard to tell in any case who the father was without genetic tests to be sure.

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Alcoholism is defined as a continuous illness that consists of not being able to control drinking, being constantly consumed by alcohol, using alcohol though it may cause problems, physical dependence of alcohol, and having withdrawals when there is an absence of alcohol (Mayo Clinic Staff).

An argument of the subject of alcoholism being written in the genes

alcoholism ALCOHOLISM Alcoholism is perhaps the most common form of drug abuse in America today. In , in the United States 67% of all the population over the age of 12 reported drinking alcohol with in the previous year.

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