Booksmart and streetsmart

One is book smarts whereas the other is street smarts. Book smarts refer to the education, schooling and other kinds of knowledge that one has acquired. It solely is a theoretical understanding of facts or ideas.

Booksmart and streetsmart

Polarizing questions are silly since rarely in life do you have to have truly binary choices.

Book-smart or Street-smart: Which Is Better?

Both is often an option. But they are fun: Booksmart and streetsmart false dichotomy of false dichotomies ] There is no doubt in my mind street smarts kicks book smarts ass.

Booksmart and streetsmart

To be street smart means you have situational awareness. You can assess the environment you are in, who is in it, and what the available angles are. Being on the street, or in the trenches, or whatever low to the ground metaphor you prefer, requires you learn to trust your own judgment about people and what matters.

This skill, regardless of where you develop it, is of great value everywhere in life regardless of how far from the streets you are. Most important perhaps, being street smart comes from experience. The prime distinction between street smarts and book smarts is who is at the center of the knowledge.

They like things that have singular right answers.

Are you Street Smart or Book Smart? | Playbuzz

They like to believe the volume, and precision, of their knowledge can somehow compensate for their lack of experience applying it in the real world. Like the stereotypical ROTC idiot in war movies e.

The Thin Red Line, Aliens 2 who outranks the much more competent and experienced, but less well pedigreed sergeant, the book smart confuse pretense with reality, and only learn of the difference when it is too late.

Or worse, even after the fact, they insist on seeking out more books and degrees rather than recognizing they are trying to improve the wrong skills: I say all this as someone who has a deep love for books, and who has some degree of what might be called book smarts.Book smarts vs.

Street smarts. Posted on February 9, April 5, in Philosophy, reader's choice by Scott Berkun. In a series of posts, called readers choice, I write on whatever topics readers submit.

[Note: Polarizing questions are silly since rarely in life do you have to have truly binary choices.

Booksmart and streetsmart

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About the author Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is an international authority in psychological profiling, talent management, leadership development, and people analytics. A booksmart lives in his future. So, he will learn for the future and makes the best of the future which never happens cause he hardly applies things in that future cause in the future also he continues to learn for the future of future.

Being Street Smart Comes from Experience. Experience is the mother of wisdom and experience without learning is more beneficial than learning with no experience.

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