Chiang mai bangkok nightly business report

The Phuket PR Office More than 30 motorists since last week have been injured in an accident on part of the Thepkrasattri Road which is under construction in Thalang. Phuket officials are well aware of the issue and have moved swiftly to solve the problem.

Chiang mai bangkok nightly business report

Generally speaking, it is a safe place for those wishing to conduct business as well as those taking part in tourist activities. Most criminal activity is limited to "non-confrontational" street crimes such as pick-pocketing, purse snatching, jewelry and other assorted tourism frauds, and credit card theft.

The local police are generally effective in assisting with minor crimes but a lack of funding, inadequate training, corruption, and frequent rotations prevent them from operating with the effectiveness or professionalism one typically associates with a modern mega-city.

Although there are currently no known active indigenous terrorist or rebel groups directly hostile to the United States in Thailand, periodic violence directed at Thai government interests—and more recently public venues—by an indigenous insurgency continues to plague the southernmost areas of Thailand.

For this reason, U. Citizens are currently urged to defer all non-emergency travel to the provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. While there have been no successful attacks to date linked to external terrorist organizations, U.

While traveling in Thailand, you should exercise caution, especially in locations where Westerners and expatriates congregate, such as clubs, discos, bars, restaurants, hotels, places of worship, schools, outdoor recreation venues, tourist areas, beach resorts, and other places frequented by foreigners.

You should avoid large crowds and demonstrations. For more information on terrorist threats against U. Crime Threats Although the crime threat in Bangkok and other Thai cities remains lower than that in many U. You should be especially wary when walking in crowded markets, tourist sites, and bus or train stations.

Thieves also victimize travelers on long-distance bus routes. Police may refuse to issue reports for foreign victims of theft, requiring them instead to travel several miles to a central Tourist Police station. You may request a police report, but police may ask you to pay a small fee, approximately 50 baht in some instances.

Travelers are advised to bring cash to exchange directly at the airport or other reputable money exchanging services, in addition to using only trusted ATM machines in Bangkok.

The obtained information was then used to withdraw money from victim accounts. Violent crimes against foreigners are relatively rare. However, murders, rapes, and assaults do occur. These crimes happen most often at night.

Frequently, victims, both male and female, have been drinking and are often alone or separated from travelling companions.

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If you are traveling alone, you should exercise caution, stay near other travelers and ensure that friends or family know how to contact you. Sexually motivated violent incidents, committed by both Thai citizens and visitors, are most likely to occur at parties, discos or beaches, such as the full moon party on Phangan Island.

Some victims find that Thai authorities do not handle their cases with as much sensitivity or consideration for privacy as they would expect in the United States.

You should maintain awareness of your surroundings and travel with trusted friends or relatives to reduce your chances of falling victim to crimes of this nature.

While around town visiting the various bars and restaurants of Bangkok, it is important to not leave drinks unattended. Ask a friend to watch it for you or take it with you to avoid falling victim to someone spiking your drink. There have been reports of criminals using scopolamine to spike drinks and rob their victims.From Chiang Mai to Bangkok by train # Thai Railways.

Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok. 14h 40m Refund 2nd Class Fan seats only. Thai Railways train 2nd Class Fan seats only inside photo. Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 9 Reviews Thai Railways train 2nd Class Fan seats only inside photo Thai. Chiang Mai has a distinctly international atmosphere with many foreign businesses and organizations (NGOs) locating in the city over the past decade due to her excellent infrastructure with international direct flight connections to all countries in the region including Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Cambodia and Taiwan.

I spent a good deal of time in Chiang Mai amongst other much quieter, less touristy places and what struck me was how cosmopolitan Chiang Mai was (this was in the late 90's early 's).

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Dec 09,  · Re: night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Dec 11, , PM Hello, I wasn't too sure what to expect from the night train but actually it was a fun and memorable experience.

chiang mai bangkok nightly business report

With stunning mountains, vibrant hill tribes and a relaxed vibe, Thailand's "second city" of Chiang Mai is everything that Bangkok's not.

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