Chromium project

History[ edit ] An early alpha build of Chromium 3. Chromium is the open-source project that is the basis for Google Chrome and the histories of the two are intertwined.

Chromium project

June 27th, I know Chrome bases itself on Chromium but does Google own Chromium?

Chromium project

Does Google benefit from me using Chromium? BCingyou June 27th, Google takes Chromium and adds a few non-free elements, most notably bundling Flash Player into Chrome. Chromium does not have the usage tracking of Chrome, which is why me and I'm sure a lot of other linux users have adopted Chromium as our default browser.

I'm not really clear if there is any financial relationship between Chrome and Chromium, can anyone clear that up? Google devs and some volunteers develop Chromium The chromium Chromium project releases a Chromium project FLOSS version of the browser they made But google also takes the source and builds it's own Google chrome with some features added like "call home" things.

As you know, having as much information accessible on the web is the main target for google. Using a fast browser like Chrome or other browsers that become faster due to competition helps with that process.

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If people would still use ie6, the cloud would not be so developed and html5 would have had no chance. Ubuntu, Debian, etc got usage tracking.

Paqman June 27th, I believe Chrome also reads PDFs "out of the box" while chromium requires some configuration?

Can't remember the exact details. Honestly I use chromium mostly because it's the fastest and because they've fixed the Flash bugs that seemed to plague in version Also it has a nice unity integration which not all browsers have yet.

Nyromith June 27th, Google works on most of the source code of Chrome with Chromium's community, and offers its own branded compilation as Chrome which is synchronized with Chromium releases.

Chrome is a closed-source browser that is based on the open-source Chrome, with some additions from Google, such as a flash player, pdf reader, and possibly a spyware.


Picklesworth June 27th, Chrome is Chromium with some proprietary bits, and with an official release schedule. As for Google, they own and run the Chromium project. Everything that goes into Chrome, except stuff that must be proprietary like Flash and the PDF plugin, is developed in open in the Chromium project.

Google effectively makes Chromium; all of its core developers are Google employees. From what I have seen on their bug tracker, they do a really good job working with outside contributors unlike a certain other high profile open source project of theirswhich also tells me they don't implement features in the dark.

They have a good number of patches coming from outside Google:Raspberry Pi Google Wall Calendar Project. Revised: Project Background: I’ve been hearing a lot about Raspberry Pi’s lately and thought it was time for .

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. Download latest stable Chromium binaries for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android and iOS (bit and bit).

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device/aaeon/upboard device/asus/deb device/asus/flo. Chromium is an open-source browser project that forms the basis for the Chrome web browser. But let’s take a little deeper look at what that means.

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When Google first introduced Chrome back in , they also released the Chromium source code on which Chrome was based as an open-source project. In lightweight (off-screen) rendering mode Chromium Project License may be used in one project you do by any number of developers, employees or contractors under your control.

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Chromium code points to Project Athena, a touch-friendly new interface