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Connor from unwind

Your more than gracious letter of September 30, has been received.

UNWIND Movie News! | Neal Shusterman

Your generous commendation of the Church, its membership, and the achievements of the Church and its members is most gratefully appreciated. You are kind enough to say: But as we go over the field we are aware of the difficulties involved, and are persuaded that for now at least perhaps the best we can do is to tell you briefly what lies back of our own achievement, however modest it may be.

The Church has a very complete and in some respects intricate organization through which it works, and no organization which is not equally well set up would be likely to be even as effective as the Church is, and that is not completely effective.

There are numbers of the Mormon people who have not Connor from unwind responded to the teachings of the Church nor to be [sic] tenets of its organizations, and who are, therefore, lukewarm in the support of the Church, its policies, principles, and doctrines.

But behind the Church organization there are spiritual values without which the organization would be ineffectively operative.

The Mormon people as a rule have deep religious convictions. Connor from unwind of their beliefs are fundamental in guiding their conduct and attitudes. It would probably not be advisable to go into the details of all these beliefs nor would that be essentially helpful or useful to you.

We may say parenthetically that we have been trying for practically a century now to convert the people of this country and of the world to our religious beliefs and tenets, with the result that even now, with our increase by births, we have only something overmembers—men, women, and children—in all the world.

Perhaps the fundamental principle that gives unity and direction to the action of the people is this: One of our Articles of Faith which are more or less equivalent to the creeds of other denominations declares: With the great bulk of the people this is not merely a lip loyalty; it is a thoroughly engrained belief.

The result is that when the President of the Church speaks, those who are faithful in the Church accept his words as divinely inspired and seek to guide their lives accordingly.

Connor from unwind

You will readily perceive the force and effectiveness of such a concept as applied to the organization of the Church and the conduct of its members, and you will also easily see that the unity of action and aim and purpose of the Mormon people could hardly be duplicated in any society which did not have such a conception.

The revelation from which the foregoing is quoted was given inand two years thereafter the Church issued a Declaration of Belief regarding governments and laws, the three opening paragraphs of which read as follows: In a revelation given to Joseph Smith inamong other things the following principles were announced: The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and my soul is not saved!

And the idler shall not have place in the church, except he repent and mend his ways. This is my principle and I try to act upon it. To pursue a contrary course would ruin any community in the world and make them idlers.

Never give anything to the idler. One of the most direct and brief statements that have been given on the duty of the Church towards such people reads as follows: Furthermore it is essentially a neighbor to neighbor obligation. It is not a function of civil government. Furthermore, in Joseph Smith received a revelation which we know as the Word of Wisdom and which taught the people that they should not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, hot drinks, which has been interpreted to mean tea, coffee, and other drinks containing habit-forming drugs that meat should be eaten sparingly, and gave other health suggestions.

The Mormon people as they are today are the result of a century of teaching and practicing of the foregoing principles. It has only been by the urgent insistence upon these principles by the Church leaders during this whole period that the people have been brought to the place they are today.

Their achievements have been the result of their ordering their lives, albeit more or less imperfectly, in accordance with these principles. A result of this sort cannot be achieved in a day, a week, a year, nor in many years, and could not be achieved except for the fundamental belief that the leaders who are directing the people are inspired of the Lord.DESCRIPTION CHECK IN / OUT TIMES Margate Sands towers over Margate Beach in the midst of all the holiday action.

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