Essay on the battle of vicksburg

Major opponent of slavery.

Essay on the battle of vicksburg

The battle of Julywas fought at a small town, Gettysburg, which was the junction of the main roads, in Pennsylvania, while Gen. The battle was a serial of forth and back of their previous positions between the armies.

Army of Potomac 90, men under Gen. Lee came together in a three day series of encounters. There were many killed and wounded in this battle 23, from Union and 28, from Confederate and Gen. Lee retreated back to Virginia on July 4th.

At the same day an important victory of the Union in the West was related to the Vicksburg siege. The Unions Army under Ulysses S. Proof that this was a turning point of the Civil War in the favor of the North could be considered from different viewpoints: Military point of view: The proof of turning point by the military point of view is related with two traits; the military leadership and the size military advantage—size of Army and Navy.

Essay on the battle of vicksburg

Grant had previously proved to be the appropriate military leader by delivering the victory to Union in the Battle of Chattanooga at the end ofalso Grant and Gen. Sherman to invade Atlanta east from Tennessee. What made Lincoln decide was that previously he had not very good experiences with generals with very good resumes and martial skills, as Gen.

In Augusteven being inspired by professionalism and having well trained volunteers McClellan had refused to move towards Confederate Army under Gen.

Lee in Richmond pretending lack of proper intelligence, supplies and soldiers.

L'Abbat, maître d'armes

Despite his ineffectiveness McClellan was in the command of all Union Armies in North Virginia, until Lincoln decided that a new trait of military leadership was necessary to lead the North to victory — as Ulysses S. The population size of the North at the very beginning of the war and during it became an advantage related to the larger army and navy for the Union, and this increased after the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg in with the decision of Lincoln to authorize and permit African Americans to serve in the army and directly in battlefield; however, Union had the benefit of a population increased by the immigrants and with it the possibility to have more recruits.

The population size and manpower unevenness would not be of a particular importance or a determinant factor in a short period war, but during a four years war it became an important and significant trait related to the final outcome—victory of the Union. Political point of view: Copperheads had many followers among farmers in the West and laborers and immigrants in the industrialized areas because the tax tariff raised by republicans and the racist fear that the emancipation would bring be competition to their job possibilities.

The victory of Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, as well as the other events after them like the capture of Atlanta in September under Gen.

Sherman army — while Grant was the commander of all Union armiesin the advantage of the North and punishing the Confederate had boosted the moral of the North and gave Lincoln the victory, defeating the republican candidate McClellan except for Kentucky, New Jersey, and Delaware and introducing the importance of military achievement to political accomplishment.

Economic point of view: Loosing too many people in the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg and having no control over the Mississippi River made the South diffident and Confederate leaders worry.

The South dependence on imports of industrial goods as food, clothing, equipment, increased the ruinous impact of the blockade.

The embargo of cotton exports, which was set by Davis administrate since with the hope that British or French will intervene, appeared to be a failure because Britain had an overstock of cotton and later on Egypt and India were an alternative source of cotton; furthermore English laborers that lost their jobs because of missing cotton had sympathy for the North.

The Janus choice: Defining today’s multifaceted conflict

The economic situation of Confederate was a threat to the chances to success; they were missing ammunitions, weapons and different supplies for the war, many investors were having a payment in cotton, even though not providing enough for the Confederate treasury. The labor force in South was missing because after the Emancipation Proclamation thousands of slaves had left and headed to Union, so the agriculture was weakening in the Confederate.

Emancipation point of view: Finding new recruits was a challenge for the Union Army enlistments of whites droppedbut by lobbing of black leaders and abolitionists African American regiments were formed, of which the most famous was the 54th Massachusetts.

While in the Confederacy, when captured, African Americans soldiers were subject of brutal treatment — tortured or murdered as escaped slaves.

At the very beginning of involvement in the Union army troops, they just did simple duties as guards and laborers, with a lower payment than white soldiers, but besides racist notions of whites about the African Americans courage to fight, they passed the test on July 18, when 54th regiment of Massachusetts attacked the Fort Wagner, a fortress of Confederate to Charleston harbor when of them lost their life and were wounded.- Battle of Vicksburg The Battle of Vicksburg, The Civil war that in my opinion cut our nation in two, Americans fighting Americans.

This was a very important battle that was fought westward it was the turning point in the war. The Battle of Gettysburg - The Battle of Gettysburg was the major turning point of the Civil War. The confederate army was led by General Robert E. Lee, an experienced, educated, and extremely successful career military officer.

Online Essay Help; Essay: Battle of Gettysburg was the Turning Point of the Civil War. which was already in two parts from the Vicksburg Battle, cutting the Confederacy in three parts.

Grant’s philosophy proved to be successful again in in his two extended attacks to terminate the Confederacy: by using Potomac Army to take Richmond.

This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The Battle of Vicksburg, or Siege of Vicksburg, was the final significant battle in the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War.

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The Battle of Vicksburg Facts Essay THE BATTLE OF VICKSBURG COMMENCES The Battle of Vicksburg started because President Abraham Lincoln recognized the significance of the town.

The Battle of Vicksburg started on May 18th, It was fought in Vicksburg.

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