Grains of time problem algebra

However, the storage of grain is a problem. Bihar can produce up to 2.

Grains of time problem algebra

Graph the inequality correctly on the set of axes below. Shawn shaded the graph incorrectly. He should have shaded below the line. One possible error, but we cannot be sure of this because we don't have his work, is that Shawn forgot to flip the sign when rewriting the equation in slope-intercept form when he divided by You can graph the equation either by finding the x-intercept and the y-intercept or by rewriting the equation in slope-intercept form, which can then be put in your calculator.

Crossword Clues Starting With A If we do it for them, why would they be persistent with a problem or give it more than 30 seconds?

That includes these points. Checking a test point, 0, 0which is not on the line, we can see as mentioned above that 0, 0 is NOT a solution to this inequality, so it cannot be in the shaded region. That means that the other side of the graph, below the line, needs to be shaded. You can check this by picking another point, say 0, Your graph should like as follows: A drama club is selling tickets to the spring musical.

The auditorium holds people. Write a system of inequalities that can be used to model this scenario. If 50 tickets are sold in advance, what is the minimum number of tickets that must be sold at the door so that the club meets its goal?

Let x be the number of advance-sale tickets, and let y be the number of at-the-door tickets.

The total number of tickets must be less than or equal to people. If 50 tickets are sold in advance, then the second inequality becomes 8. So y has to be 48 or higher.

Therefore, the minimum number of tickets sold at the door is She begins the problem by writing the following steps: Explain the method Janice used to solve the quadratic equation. Janice simplified the problem by substituting the letter B in place of 8x, which is a factor of both 64x2 and 16x.

These substitutions will give you the original equation back. If you didn't do this kind of substitution, you likely would have been forced to use the Quadratic Formula to solve this equation, and there would have been BIG numbers to worry about.

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If you solved it using another method, you lost a point. For a class picnic, two teachers went to the same store to purchase drinks. Write a system of equations to represent the costs of a juice box,j, and a bottle of water, w.

Kara said that the juice boxes might have cost 52 cents each and that the bottles of water might have cost 33 cents each.

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Use your system of equations to justify that Kara's prices are not possible. Solve your system of equations to determine the actual cost, in dollars, of each juice box and each bottle of water.

The first part is a straightforward system of equations, similar to the inequalities we did in the earlier problem.Solution to rice and chessboard problem?

There is an old math problem about the man who invented chess. See, the king at the time loved the game so much, he told the inventor to name whatever he wanted for compensation. Algebra Word Problem Math Help Algebra 2 Question Word Problem Algebra Help .

Nov 06,  · Perhaps in the middle to far future, technology will have such a great influence on society and in such a way that turning inward would in fact be the most beneficial thing for a human to do.

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For example, 1, grains of rice is 1/4 of a bowl and 2, grains is 1/2 a bowl. A sequence of powers of two is a geometric sequence, also known as a geometric progression; in this case, each number in the sequence is double the previous.

By the time that the fifth square is reached on the chessboard, the board contains a total of 31 grains of wheat. The wheat and chessboard problem While the number of grains on the first half of the chessboard is large, the amount on the second half is vastly (2 32 > 4 billion times) larger.

Because each sack has 50 kg grain, it can store 7,, kg of grains which is tons. Tanya: Now, I realize how big the problem is and why the government is spending so much money. This large warehouse can store only tons and Bihar needs to store million tons of grain every year.

Wheat on a chessboard math problem help

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grains of time problem algebra

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