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Index.htm papers research working

So if you are interested in participating by writing an article, please contact us. Dan Kuehl from the National Defense University ' I see it [IO] not as a replacement for existing military operations.

I see it as something which can stand along side of them in its own distinct and unique sense, and changes how all of them are conducted to exploit the relationships and synergies among them. And unfortunately IO is still a world of specialists today. Until it becomes a general part of the battle system, its effects are going to be limited.

Can they really cause economic damage and loss of lives? Can poor countries use them to integrate or even, following Sun Tzu, to replace more expensive weapons systems? If the answers are positive, then it should be possible to measure cyberwars.

Every business faces minor downtimes, and major unknowns; hence it is important to have plans in place which guarantee business contingency.

Before the September attack on America quite a few business people said that they saw BCP as an inefficient use of resources, i.

But statistics tell a different story, and events like serve as drastic reminders that it is vital for every company to have plans in place to ensure business continuity, and the continuity of our suppliers and logistics - especially as globalization and our interdependence continues to grow.

There are enough codes of practice in place for senior management to not only support business continuity planning, but actually pushing people to deliver it, because at the end of the day the board of directors is held responsible in times of crisis if there is not adequate planning.

In the UK, we have generally recognized practices such as the Turnbull Combined Code of Practice which makes various commitments on both executive and non executive officers of organisations to manage not just financial risk but also operational, environmental and safety risks.

And one of the key responses to risk management is business continuity planning. If they are not supporting BCP plans the needle from innocent to guilty will move rapidly from innocent to guilty. And I think there are enough cases in place now, enough proof in place, to suggest to any peer groups of executive officers that they need to take business continuity planning seriously.


Economic Espionage - a threat to corporate America ' Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs are lost due to theft of trade secrets. Corporate America needs to acknowledge the reality of this risk and develop more efficient countermeasures to safeguard survival in a competitive market.

Economic Espionage Interview with David Cid ' There are more intelligence officers in the United States from foreign countries collecting information today than there were at the end of the Cold War. At the end of the Cold War the political and philosophical struggle was over and it then became an economic war if you want to characterise as that.

With that, these countries decided to direct their intelligence services from strategic and tactical information although they still do that to a certain degree to collecting economic information. Many of these countries understand that they can never compete with us the USA or the British, or the French, or the Germans or the other industrialised nations.

But they can steal information. If you want to get information effectively, an intelligence service is the ideal collection tool since that is what an intelligence service is designed to do. This paper attempts to demonstrate the state of transparency as well as the amount of 'open source information' available on selected anonymous European organisations by using a particular empirical 'corporate information leakage inventory' based on ten indicators.

Living in the US, we have considered ourselves "safe" for many many years. The attached PowerPoint presentation is aimed at making us all aware of a new threat Not only does it aim to make folks aware, but it also has some key points on spotting these people based on past intel.Harvard Law School Submitted 4/5/06 The working paper by Academic Dean and Professor Stephen Walt and Professor John Mearsheimer presents a conspiratorial view of history in which the Israel Lobby has a “stranglehold” on American foreign policy, the American media, think tanks and academia.

The web contains an expanding number of places to find journal articles and working papers on legal topics, from journals currently publishing directly on the web to .

Photo 1. Participants of the Academic Workshop (June 23) The last half day of the event (June 24 p.m.) took the form of a policy forum open to the public. The policy forum presented the findings of the academic workshop and discussed their policy implications in a high level panel debate.

Index.htm papers research working

Searchable, research-based tools and resources to help employers develop or expand a workplace health promotion program that supports their employees’ physical, mental, .

Research output: Working paper Harvard Carr-Hill, R & Chalmers-Dixon, P ' A review of methods for monitoring and measuring social inequality, deprivation and health inequality.

The Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School coordinates the psychiatric resources of seven major teaching institutions in the Greater Boston area into a collaborative whole that is dedicated to quality clinical services, excellent training and education, and innovative research.

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