Is dependence computer a bad thing

Peekaboo Disputed 1 point Yeah, like I said, crime expanded onto a new platform with computers. Should we say that cars are bad because people can crash?

Is dependence computer a bad thing

Feb 17, Hello friends, Computer. But relying much on it is not a good thing. Too much of dependence causes lots of health issues. A single human has invented it, I think so we are more powerful than it. But it has taken the shape just because of a human thinking. Feb 8, Hello friends, It is a very interesting topic.

Is dependence computer a bad thing

First of all, I discussed on the word dependence, what means this word give. If you will do your task and you will be dependent on it and it will not perform according to you now you will irritate and you will always scare that how more its work.

Fully dependent on anything is a bad habit and it will secretly make weakness in a person and the person does not know about it and this weakness realises when the results not in our favour. And now we come on greatest invention of this world.

The Computer it is a solution for every problem. Everyone knows "man makes computer and not computer makes the man", but whenever we compete man vs computer I think most probably computer wins.

It is faster than us and easy to excess. Future of the computer world is very bright, no doubt it includes many advantages but in this world everything is not perfect everything contains equal merits and demerits and in few case computer will not give results as we want and a dependent person always give up but a person who knows how to make results they will performing whether it works or not.

Jan 16, Good morning to all. I think so computer is a good technology and good thing its reduce our work time and we all know every coin has twosudes good and bad. We have to use computer but in limited. Computer is use for presentation, learn the skills, not for the chatting and watching videos so it is good thing but in limited.

Jan 16, It is not important to totally depend on computer. Due to excessive use of technology we lost our memory power also. There should be limit in use of technology. Jan 13, The computer has become the part of our life. Spending a single day without it is impossible.

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There are various advantages of computers like they are used in banks, school, offices and etc but we should not forget that with the various advantages there are some disadvantages. There is no harm in using computer but it excessive use may lead us to various diseases.

For each and everything, we depend upon technology. The best example is our mobile phones. Computers are one of the greatest technology that human being ever invented.

With the help of computers, we can do our work more effectively and efficiently in a faster way. For watching movies, news, videos and to send mail computer is essential. For making a simple presentation itself we need computers. It is easy to blame technology but it is impossible for everyone to live a day without using technology.

Dec 3, It is a good thing for me as if anybody needs to chat they use computersbut if we see children get. Dec 1, Yes, dependence on computer is a good thing but in a limit. Because the person which is used the computer for learning education skills is good but seems videos, bad films etc is not a good thing thank you.IS DEPENDENCE ON COMPUTER A GOOD THING??

Computer has become the lifeline of modern generation.

Is dependence computer a bad thing

This has become part and parcel of every man’s life. computer addiction computer addiction good or bad computer dependency. Related Posts. About the Author: Shreya gupta. 88 Responses to Is Complete Dependence on Computer A Good Thing.

Is dependence on computers a good thing? Last updated on Nov 19th, Team GD Ideas views. In Favor: Digital devices are reducing our work load. computer is very use ful for quick and accuracy but using computer is growing the lazynes in people.

every one depends on it. depending on computer is some times good and some times . Feb 10,  · Is dependence on computers a good thing? Is the dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits? We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on Resolved.

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Is Dependence Computer a Bad Thing Essay Many people are using computers in the world - Is Dependence Computer a Bad Thing Essay introduction. Whether they are students, teachers or adults at work, we all use it.

I think every coin has two sides, good and bad. Totaly dependent on the computer is the bad side of the coin. As we know in the present scenario from excessive use of computers increases unemployment, health problems, memory power loss, addiction, pornography and other so many issues.

Technological threats like haking are becoming more . Feb 10,  · Is dependence on computers a good thing? Is the dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits? We Status: Resolved.

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