Nightly business report feb 18 2014

Jim Cramer Most famous stock-picker of all time. Magna cum laude, Harvard,a "government major. Wrote for Tallahassee News Democrat and L.

Nightly business report feb 18 2014

Beautiful and there's marlin's biting out there this morning!

The Clinton Body Count

We just watched you get that one- East end of Catalina- good show Coastal waters have a good mix of clean blue and enriched plankton green water-- and the bait is in that mix-- 2 off Abalone a good spot Skippies caught there earlier at the tide change-- Dolphins balled up the bait --comng up threw the balls of bait -- --Sunday Veterans Day!

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Closed on Mondays-- Nov 4th Coastal fog light to med across the channel, flat calm not much wind if any Still a strong tide flow- the marlin bite around 1 pm yesterday- tuna fish offhsore still good but starting to scatter out- -not much sign of those skippies offshore so far today-- lots of birds sealife off the beach- they were here - At least your seeing em' Clearing mid afternoon-- Naw it didn't stick--doing a grass check-- letting it back out and again and zipp-- still a bit foggy here east end 2: Sport boats working the Tanner hard for the Bigger Bluefin-- Nice weatherblue skycalm blue ocean, light northwest wind beautiful-- We got one, the seal got the other one-- I don't know where they came from -- they weren't here yesterday-- its thick here-- - you saw it-- it was ugly -- Everyone got a cow on this 1.

Biggest fish weighing in at a whopping pounds!Biographies of CNBC, other cable TV stars. The home of independent analysis of CNBC TV and other business media, dedicated to the highest standards of journalism.

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nightly business report feb 18 2014

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tonight on Nightly Business Report, oil prices fall for the 10th straight day, sparking concerns of a global economic slowdown.

Plus, one of the country’s most expensive houses is up for auction.

nightly business report feb 18 2014

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The network also produces local news bulletins for regional Queensland.

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