Social changes in the 1960s

He changed the lives of blacks for many years to come. Though he was killed, his dream lives on today. Another changing element in politics in the s was the presidential term of John F. He was one of the four presidents who were successfully assassinated.

Social changes in the 1960s

Contact Society and Life in the s The s were a decade of revolution and change in politics, music and society around the world.

American History: Social Revolution in the s

It started in the United States and the United Kingdom, and spread to continental Europe and other parts of the globe. The s were an era of protest. In the civil rights movement blacks and whites protested against the unfair treatment of races.

Towards the end of the decade more and more Americans protested against the war in Vietnam.

How the 1960s Changed America

Many people in the United States thought that Americans had no reason to fight in war that was so far away from home. Female activists demanded more rights for women, whose role in society began to change. The birth control pill and other contraceptives were introduced, making it possible for women to plan their careers and have babies when they wanted them.

The s shattered American politics with the assassination of famous leaders. Kennedywho became the first Catholic President in American history, was gunned down in Dallas in A few months earlier, civil rights leader Martin Luther Kingwho had done more for African Americans than any other person before him, was killed in Memphis, Tennessee.

After World War II people all over the world started working hard and respecting the values they were brought up with. Especially in Europe, it was an era of recovery and rebuilding.

In the s many young people started doubting such values. They protested against society and everything that was mainstream. They had hair long and wore unusual and strange clothes. In the s America and the rest of the world danced and sang to rock and roll music. A decade later Bob Dylan Blowing in the WindJoan Baez and other protest singers composed lyrics that showed what was wrong in society.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones started a new era of beat and pop music. In Europe pirate radio stations broadcast from ships in the North Sea.

PHBond / Period 2: The Era of Social Change and Counter-Culture (s - s)

Television dominated the decade as the most important entertainment medium. By the end of the decade almost all homes in America had at least one TV set. Towards the end of the s hundreds of thousands of young music fans gathered at WoodstockNew York to celebrate the largest pop festival ever held.

All of the popular musicians of the time performed there: Many of the young people there called themselves hippies.The s was also associated with a large increase in crime and urban unrest of all types.

Between and reported incidences of violent crime per , people in the United States nearly doubled and have yet to return to the levels of the early s.

Panelists talked about the social changes of the s, including the effects of Watergate and the Vietnam War, as well as the rise in divorce rates and drug incarceration.

Social changes in the 1960s

New Frontiers: Politics and Social Change in the s - Document Overview Feminism and the Civil Rights Movement (), Casey Hayden and Mary King The Vietnam Conflict - Document Overview.

Mar 13,  · Another social change in the s was in the fight against racism toward blacks. Two famous people for fighting against racism in the s were Martin Luther King Jr.

and Malcolm X. Malcolm X stated, "I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with r-bridal.coms: America Movements in the s The most active period of social movement rhetoric in the 20th century was the s.

This period roughly begins with a build-up from the Brown of Education of Topeka Supreme Court Decision of This desegregation decision began the Civil Rights movement. Social Change in the s Professor Hamlin HIST The s begin to set the stage for the events that take place in the s.

In some ways, this decade also serves as a foil for the '60s. Various, sometimes sharp, contrasts exist between these two decades.

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