Three factors necessary to achieve global awareness in interanational marketing

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Three factors necessary to achieve global awareness in interanational marketing

These opportunities include international investments and domestic investments that give investors international exposure, such as U. Should I consider international investments? Two of the chief reasons individual investors invest in international investments and investments with international exposure are: Investors should consider various factors when assessing potential investments, whether domestic or international.

International investment returns may move in a different direction, or at a different pace, than U.

In that case, including exposure to both domestic and foreign securities in a portfolio may reduce the risk that an investor will lose money if there is a drop in U.

Keep in mind, though, that this is not always true and that with globalization, markets are increasingly intertwined across borders. Investors should balance these considerations along with issues and risks unique to international investing, including those described below.

How can I invest internationally?

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There are a number of ways individual investors may gain exposure to international investments. As with all investments, investors should first learn as much as they can about an investment before investing.

There are different kinds of U. To learn more about investing in these types of mutual funds, as well as in mutual funds generally, information is available in Mutual Funds and ETFs — A Guide for Investors. A share in an ETF that tracks an international index seeks to give an investor exposure to the performance of the underlying international or foreign stock or bond portfolio along with the ability to trade the ETF shares like any other exchange-traded security.

An actively managed ETF that invests in non-U. The stocks of most foreign companies that trade in U. Each ADR represents one or more shares of a foreign stock or a fraction of a share.

If investors own an ADR they have the right to obtain the foreign stock it represents, but U. The price of an ADR generally corresponds to the price of the foreign stock in its home market, adjusted for the ratio of ADRs to foreign company shares. Investors can purchase ADRs through a U.

Although most foreign stocks trade in the U. For example, some Canadian stocks that are listed and trade on Canadian markets are also listed and trade directly in U. Some foreign companies list their securities in multiple markets, which may include U. Investors can purchase U.

Trading on foreign markets. These foreign companies are not likely to file reports with the SEC. The information available about these companies may be different than the information available about companies that file reports with the SEC.

Moreover, the information may not be available in English. Where can I find information about investing internationally? Investors should learn as much as they can about an investment, and about a broker-dealer or an investment adviser, before they invest.

Three factors necessary to achieve global awareness in interanational marketing

Tracking down information on international investments may require extra effort, but it will make investors more informed. One of the most important things to remember is to read and understand the information about an investment before investing.

Here are some sources of information to consider:Foreign companies can achieve the status of household names in the United States without public awareness that these companies are domiciled outside of the United States, or they may conduct a majority of their business operations abroad.

Management is making a business run efficiently and strategy is making sure that you are in a great position not only for today, but in the future.

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Micro management is a pretty big sign of poor. International Marketing (16th Edition) Edit editions Solutions for Chapter 1 Problem 9DQ Problem 9DQ: Discuss the three factors necessary to achieve global awareness.

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