Violent media is good for kids ethos pathos logos

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Violent media is good for kids ethos pathos logos

Is Violent Media Good for Kids?

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Jones shares his personal view about violent media and the positive correlation that he claims that it has with rage, mostly in small children. He uses many examples from his own childhood and his own son to support his opinion.

Gerard Jones introduces his article by telling the story of his own childhood. It also establishes his credibility to write on this subject. His childhood feelings of being outcast and how he overcame that with violent media are proof that he has enough experience with the topic to try to persuade the opinions of possibly skeptical parents.

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Almost any person from any walk of life can identify with the feeling of loneliness. While not everyone relates to the feelings of loneliness due to anger and rage, Jones understands that the majority of people had a relatable hero growing up.

He employs this knowledge putting his young and expecting parents back into the state of mind they may have had as a child.

Jones continues to appeal to the emotions of the reader by telling stories about his son that are similar to those of his own childhood.

These metaphors give a visual aide in order to allow the reader to empathize with his son. His stories about his son allow parents of young children to reflect on the ways they have empowered their own kids to overcome fears.

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So far, Jones has been convincing in his use of rhetoric in proving that violent media can have positive effects on children. Unfortunately he is not trying to prove the possibility of positive influence by violent media, but instead that violent media is positive for the majority of children across the board.

This is where his argument begins to falter, failing to be persuasive or effective. Jones uses a quote from Melanie Moore, Ph. D to support his viewpoint, attempting to use logos.

Violent media is good for kids ethos pathos logos

She simply reiterates what he has already tried to explain, but she uses medical terms and big, impressive words. She, like Jones, believes that children need some kind of entertainment or character to empathize with in order to healthily process their rage.

However, no use of statistics or facts are used by Moore. This is an example of how Jones tries, but fails to effectively use logos in his argument. Someone with a Ph. D agrees with me! So I have to be right! To Jones, rage is something to be controlled, something that we have a relationship with.

He effectively uses pathos by causing the reader to analyze the way they relate to their own rage. Jones continues throughout the article to appeal to the emotions of the reader. This use of metaphor gives the reader a chance to reflect on how they process their own emotions in an effort to make the reader empathize with this girl.

In finishing his article, Jones concludes that acting out of the fear of violence is often unrealistic and will do more harm to children.

Here, we see Jones use a historical analogy. However, this use of analogy is ineffective. He does not provide a common outcome.

What happened to the Victorians who were confused about their sexuality? What was the negative outcome of this confusion?The Ethos, Pathos and Logos of Social Media Rhetoric. January 5, by Maggie Happe. and part of the flexibility comes from understanding what is good writing and good rhetoric, tired college kids will fall asleep rather quickly if they don’t think what they’re working on has a purpose.

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Violent Media is Good for Kids Renowned comic-book author Gerard Jones argues that bloody videogames, gun-glorifying gangsta rap and other forms of ‘creative violence’ help far more children. Nov 09,  · Discuss the analysis essay from “Violent media is good for kids” Grace Tush November 9, am November 9, 0 Comments please read “Violent media is good for kids” and write 3 pages analysis essay about it.

Article PDF. Introduction. The early s marked the first publications both in English studies and communication studies to address lesbian and gay issues.

Violent media is good for kids ethos pathos logos
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