Why write alan shapiro summary definition

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Why write alan shapiro summary definition

I know the poems so well, know their switchbacks and shortcuts and thoroughfares, their grid and range and population, and yet they still surprise me, connect me to the essential reckonings, the bewilderments of being alive.

I never know how someone feels about their own poems and, as a poet, I know how a poem can have its own life, how it can distance itself from its maker like an old flame and become intimate with a reader, as if to make the poet jealous.

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I suppose I was also worried about saying something to Alan because, in some way, by talking about the poem with him, the ownership of that poem would revert to him now I was jealous. By not saying something to Alan about his poem, I could carry on with the poem, could continue to believe it was speaking to me and only me.

At Bread Loaf meals, he sat down in a gray hoodie sweatshirt, folded his elbows on the table, and talked basketball, music, poems, whatever. And then he read the poem. I just listened, tears streaming down my face, to a poem about an imagined place where one waits until one of his dead arrives on a train for the duration of a recollection and then leaves.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Alan Shapiro has published numerous collections of poetry, including Reel to Reel and Night of the Republicwhich are two of my favorite collections in the last five years.

why write alan shapiro summary definition

His lines seem like a twisting of logic, an entrance into a complication, a nuance, a thought. When I asked him who his mentors were, he cited J. The high and the low.

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The elevated, the demotic. The literary, the street slang.

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The popular culture, the high culture. All of that has to have a place in what I write, if what I write is an attempt to bring the whole soul into activity, as Coleridge says it ought to be.Alan Shapiro has confined his work mostly to poetry and poetic prose, but his collection of essays In Praise of the Impure: Poetry and the Ethical Imagination, Essays, includes discussions of his poetic theory concerning the narrative element in lyric poetry and the way imaginative literature can test the reader’s moral certitude.

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why write alan shapiro summary definition

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From friends, from students in my classes, from these newsletters, from other books and publications-- I discover books to read. My latest are an old American novel Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson, a novel called Hyde by Daniel Levine (spun off the old Stevenson novella "The Strange History of Dr.

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